Nutritional Content Per Serving - Bananas are oozing with natural goodness of potassium, vitamins and fiber you can also get natural servings of healthy fat, carbohydrates, and sugar and healthy doses of minerals and vitamin C. Bananas also contain sodium, fluoride, magnesium, fructose and proteins. Many people may not realize but there is no cholesterol in bananas. In fact, this healthy fruit fights or balances out high cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, bananas have super benefits when it comes to balanced diets because it is a great complement to weight loss, promotes bone health and also prevents cancer.

Banana calorie count:
100 grams - 89 calories 
1 extra small (less than 6 inches long) (81 g) - 72 calories
1 small (6 inches to 6-7/8 inches long) (101 g) - 90 calories
1 NLEA serving (126 g) - 112 calories
1 medium (7 inches to 7-7/8 inches long) (118 g) - 105 calories
1 large (8 inches to 8-7/8 inches long) (136 g) - 121 calories
1 cup, sliced (150 g) - 133 calories
1 extra large (9 inches or longer) (152 g) - 135 calories
1 cup, mashed (225 g) - 200 calories

Bananas surprisingly are able to defeat ulcers due to the bacteria eliminators present in this super fruit. It reduces the level of acidity and helps to reduce ulcer in the long term. This yellow fruit wonder is also anti-Anemia. The high iron content helps to improve and circulate the hemoglobin function and it should be included in the daily diet of patients who are suffering from Anemia.

For instant relief, bananas help to relax a person because of the conversion of serotonin in the body. It also helps ease constipation. For people who want to give up smoking, a new addiction takes in the form of a banana which can help recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Of course bananas are a popular flavoring when it comes to sweets and desserts because of its fructose content or natural sugars. Bananas in different forms have varying calories content too. In a one hundred gram bag of banana chips that have been fried, there are five hundred nineteen calories. In a one hundred gram slice of banana bread, you can expect two hundred thirty seven calories.

The refreshing and subtly sweet flavor of banana milkshake has six hundred and ten calories; that is more compared to a one hundred gram banana fritter at one hundred fifty five calories. That banana fruit may seem and taste absolutely divine when fashioned beside the ice cream, topped with cherries and nuts. Be careful though, you might change your mind after finding out that one hundred grams of banana split contains one hundred sixty six calories.

The next time you reach for a banana and use it for extra sweet desserts, think first and evaluate whether you want to indulge or take it fresh and peeled. After finding out how many calories in a banana, you just might have a different approach on how to consume it.



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