The apple is one of the best fruits any person could consume regularly. It provides the body with important nutrients that help boost immunity, battle infections and help in healing wounds. People are recommended to acquire and consume this fruit not just for purposes of health and diet abut also if they need to improve their health and lose weight as well. However, it is recommended that people consume the apple fruit rather than drink the fruit juice. A fruit, especially a fresh one, will provide the necessary nutrients necessary for body and in sufficient quantities.

Apple calorie count:
1 cup slices (109 g) -
57 calories
Extra small (2-1/2  inches diameter) (101 g) - 53 calories
1 cup slices (109 g) - 57 calories
1 cup, quartered or chopped (125 g) - 65 calories
1 small (2-3/4 inches diameter) (149 g) - 78 calories
1 medium (3 inches diameter) (182 g) - 95 calories
1 large (3-1/4 inches diameter) (223 g) - 116 calories
1 NLEA serving (242 g) - 126 calories

Apples, boiled
100 grams - 53 calories
1 cup slices (171 g) - 91 calories

Apples, microwaved
100 grams - 56 calories
1 cup slices (170 g) - 95 calories

Apple, peeled
100 grams - 48 calories
1 cup slices (110 g) - 53 calories
1 small (2-3/4 inches diameter) (132 g) - 63 calories
1 medium (3 inches diameter) (161 g) - 77 calories
1 large (3-1/4 inches diameter) (216 g) - 103 calories

Nutritionists advise against high or frequent consumption of apple juice. The reason is that this apple juice does have high calorie content and may result in weight gain of the consumer rather than weight loss. There has been plenty of research conducted into the nutritional content of the apple fruit and according to scientific and nutritional figures; there are 95 calories in an apple fruit with 8 percent carbohydrates, 17 % dietary fiber and 18.9 grams of sugar. The vitamin A content is 2 %, Vitamin C at 14 %, calcium at 1 % and iron also at 1 %. It is always important to know and understand how many calories in an apple are necessary for an adult seeking to lose weight and remain healthy.

The apple fruit comes in various colors, varieties, sizes and shades. There are green apples, yellow and red apples with some being great for cooking while others are better eaten raw as a fruit. It is believed that a medium size apple fruit will contain about 95 calories as well as about 0.4 grams of fat. This means that for every ounce, an apple provides about 15 calories. Another important aspect to note is that apples are known to be a great source of dietary fiber.

Adult men need to have about 30 to 38 grams of fiber in their diets every single day while grown women need to consume about 21 to 25 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber is great in helping eliminate waste from the body as well as in managing of weight in the body and addressing other relevant dietary concerns. Fiber acts by getting a person to feel full and hence consume less food.

Apart from healthy eating, people should endeavor to lead healthy lifestyles. This includes working out on a regular basis and management of stress. There are various work outs that can be undertaken by a person seeking to lose weight and to remain healthy and fit. Some of these include cycling, walking, running and even swimming. Rigorous exercises for about 30 minutes for at least three days per week. This is important in maintaining a strong, healthy and fit body. It is also much better than performing highly strenuous exercises for only a short while. Consulting a dietitian or nutrition specialist is important especially for older persons trying to resume training and working out. Good advice will ensure a person attains their weight loss goals.



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